Competitive Programmer, DevOps Engineer, Fullstack Web Developer, AWS, Machine Learning Engineer

About Me

Currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in 3rd Year.
I have very good hand in Python, C++ and Cloud, DevOps Tools. I have practical knowledge in Django, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
 I am technical head of one of the student organization in our university, so I am experienced how to work in a team and how to handle a team. I have built website for our organization using Django, also I control the website on cloud (Digital Ocean). Besides, I have won Hackathon named Autumn Hacks, where my project was on Digital Identification (Used Deep Learning).
In addition, I am a good and fast learner, I can learn any new technology quickly and can give it a output. So, if needed I am ready to learn new technologies also for your company.

Special Skills


Practical knowledge in Devops Tools like Docker, Puppet, Jenkins and Ansible

Competitive Coding

Codechef handle: dbappa
Codeforces handle: deba98
HackerEarth handle: deba98
Hackerrank handle: debasisjana93

Web Development

Having practical knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, BootStrap for frontend web development and Django for backend web development.